Friday, June 7, 2013

This Week In Headlines- Doctor Who Edition- June 7th

I plan to revisit the headlines feature later today, but I wanted to get my thoughts out on an occurrence near and dear to my heart first. I had a lot more to say on the subject than I realized when I sat down to write, so I felt like it should have its own little entry all to itself. Without further ado...

     After weeks of speculation (more like months or years, even), the BBC announced actor Matt Smith would be hanging up his bow tie and suspenders this Christmas, as the now famous young actor leaves the international sensation "programme" Doctor Who. Whovians, as Who fans are called, have been letting their sadness and disappointment over Smith's inevitable departure be known this week, with many citing him as their favorite ever Doctor (contrary to popular belief, the character is NOT called "Doctor Who," but merely The Doctor).
     It hasn't always been this way for Smith, now 30. Cast at the tender age of 26, not only was he the youngest actor ever cast in the role, but he was also an unknown, following arguably the most popular Doctor of all time, David Tennant (the Tom Baker/David Tennant debate will likely rage on for eternity). Fans were hesitant to embrace his take on the iconic role at first, especially given their sadness over the loss of Tennant. These days, young Smith has found himself beginning a blossoming film career, and will be seen on American movie screens next year, as a cast member in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut How To Catch a Monster. Speculation as to the identity of his replacement has been rampant, with the BBC and showrunner Stephen Moffat keeping silent on their casting status (for any Who fans reading, that's not meant as a pun).
     Before Smith signs off, he will be starring in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special in November (the show has been around a LONG time, if I hadn't mentioned that before), alongside previously mentioned Who legend alum David Tennant, and the annual Christmas Special as well on 25 December. It's likely a good time to leave, as someone only just getting started will want to avoid typecasting as much as possible (poor Mark Hamill). I for one enjoyed his time, but I will say he was hardly my favorite. This has less to do with his abilities as an actor, and for for the gimmicky season long story arcs Moffat has insisted on playing out during his run. Those sorts of things were absolutely present during Tennant's time as well, but they weren't the primary focus. Stand-alone adventures have been the cornerstone of the show since its inception in 1963. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bring on the Twelfth Doctor!

What are your thoughts on Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor? Will you be sad to see him go, or are you ready for a fresh face? Sound off in the comments below!

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