Saturday, May 25, 2013

Introductions are in order, I believe...

If there's one thing I could talk about endlessly, all day every day, for no money at all (though, if someone feels inclined to write me a check...), it would be talking about pop culture. Film, television, games, literature...anything that sparks curiosity, imagination, and tells a story. So that's the focus here. If you're into these things, please feel free to come back as often as you like.

I will say these two things, as we get started:

1. I'm not a professional writer (shocker, I know. I thought ALL bloggers on the internet were supposed to be!!!). However, I do know the proper uses of your, you're, there, their, they' rest easy in that regard. But also, if you're looking for a polished, 30-draft entry that Stephen King would be proud to claim as his own, I can't guarantee that's what you'll get. I'll try to make it sound good, though. How's that?

2. I do NOT care about celebrity gossip. You will not find discussions about a celebrity's personal life, unless it directly impacts their art in SOME way (Brad Pitt's DUI arrest prevents him from taking part in a remake of Casablanca, for instance). I do not care if an actor or actress is gay, straight, sexually attracted to various forms of plant life...OR what god, goddess, or primordial energy field they pray to. I do not care who they vote for, or what causes they publicly speak out on. Those things do not enter my mind as I'm watching them perform, so I do not feel they are relevant in my analyses of said performances.

Also, the views and opinions I hold and post here are exactly that. They are not meant to be taken as a sweeping indictment on you, the reader, or your personal tastes in performers, shows, etc. I am not here to make anyone feel small or ashamed of...WHATEVER you enjoy. Believe me, I have just as many guilty pleasures as the rest of you. If you're into the Real Housewives shows, or Honey Boo Boo, etc etc etc...go for it. Whatever works for you. But I will not pretend to find the value, merit, or inspiration in those shows I simply do not enjoy (those two just happened to be examples that leapt to mind). But know that, if I express this, it is not a personal attack on you. K?

I enjoy seeing the latest films and posting my thoughts on's not usually a long, drawn-out affair. And very rarely are any spoilers involved. If I DO post something that falls into the category of a "spoiler," I will always notify you ahead of time. So hopefully no issues there.

Those are really the high points, I guess...If I think of anything else that's pertinent, I'll be sure to come back and add it. In terms of comments, you're going to disagree with me. Sometimes often. I don't mind that. But vulgar, personal attacks won't stay up. Nor will spam links, hate speech, etc. Just...act like you've got some sense, please? I know that's a pretty tall order on the internet in the year 2013, but I'd like to think it's still SOMEWHAT possible.

Thanks for reading! I hope to make this an enjoyable part of, week...however often I update it. If you have any ideas for topics, certain movies or shows you'd like to hear about, etc, let me know!


  1. Glad to see this, finally! I thoroughly enjoy reading your take on movies.

  2. What?!? Brad Pitt got a DUI???